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Smart Washsmart wash

Bike service and Full bike Smart Wash – Half Price though out November (£60) only at Peddlers

When was the last time you removed grease, grime, dirt or road salt from your bike?

Would to make your bike parts last longer?

Then the Peddlers Smart wash service is what your bike needs


In Peddlers work shop we love to use the part washer as an alternative to solvent parts cleaners.

The popular Smart wash parts cleaning system is both self-cleaning and non-hazardous – employing a method of using natural bio-remediation to dramatically reduce waste fluid generation, reducing the headache of hazardous waste removal. Don’t be fooled though our Smart washer is super efficient with maximum results!


  •  Heated solution – a non-solvent-based parts washer fluid – flows through nozzle and brush on to the dirty bike part.
  •  Grease, oil and all other contaminants are washed from the dirty bike part and flow through the nozzle. The Filter is the KEY to the Smart washer system. It not only traps particulates down to 50 microns in size but it also contains microbes. Heated to 40°c the microbes become active in the solution and start eating the oil and grease creating a harmless by product of carbon-dioxide and water. Perfect for protecting our environment where we love to ride!
  •  A heater element heats the fluid to 40°c – the optimum temperature that the microbes need to be to work.
  • Clean sparkly parts on your bike look like new!!!

Call us to book your smart wash today on 01642 490135 and mention November Offer to get a service and full parts wash for £60. Normally £120


smart washsmart wash