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The Shotgun Pro is the ultimate child seat for MTB families. It's lightning fast to attach and remove, has zero frame contact, and is adjustable to fit electric and regular mountain bikes.About the Shotgun Pro Kids MTB Seat:- Designed for children 2 - 5 years (up to 60lb / 27kg)- Zero frame contact- Adjustable to fit electric and regular mountain bikes- Super fast to fit, remove, and swap between bikes- Fits all mountain bikes with standard 1 1/8 steerers (10mm stem clearance required)Why ride with your child in front?1. So the weight is balanced in the center of your bike2. So your little one can see where they're going (and you can see them)3. So that you can talk to each other as you ride along togetherWill the Shotgun Pro fit my bike?The Shotgun Pro seat fits all modern mountain bikes with a standard 1 1/8 inch steerer, including electric mountain bikes. Before purchasing, check your local laws regarding the use of child seats and e-bikes.Fitting requires 10mm of clearance under the stem. Bikes with stems shorter than 50mm in length may require additional clearance under the stem, the minimum clearance required is indicated in the diagram below.The Shotgun Pro includes two spacers, for use on two bikes. Installing the Shotgun Pro spacer replaces 10mm of standard steerer spacers on your bike.Please note that adapters for use with Trek Knock Block and Scott Syncros headsets are sold separately. The Shotgun Pro is not compatible with bikes that have a quill stem.The Shotgun Pro seat is suitable for dropper posts and all common seat post sizes, including 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm, and 34.9mm. Fitting requires 14mm of available seat post space.For more detailed information on fitting the Shotgun Pro, visit [](

Colours Black
Sizes UNI
Brand Shotgun
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 9413000072822
SKUs / Part Numbers KRS-SU

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