Electra Fern Cylinder Handlebar Bag

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The ELECTRA Fern Cylinder Handlebar Bag is an essential cycling accessory, combining practical functionality with seamless style. Forego the hassle of carrying a backpack while cycling, and instead opt for the convenience of this high-quality handlebar bag.

Made from 100% polyester; this bag maintains durability without compromising on its lightweight design. The woven material type ensures it can withstand constant outdoor exposure, and the waterproof zips will shield your valuables from adverse weather conditions.

The bag is designed to fit standard bicycle handlebars, meaning it's a suitable accessory for most bike models. With installation a breeze, you'll soon wonder how you ever managed without this handy bag on your rides.

The internal sling pocket provides a safe and secure spot for your phone, while still offering easy accessibility. It comfortably holds your keys, wallet, and even a sandwich to keep you fuelled on your rides.

One of our favourite features is the convenience loop located at the front of the bag. This loop has been specifically designed for attaching bike lights, an essential feature for safe cycling after dusk.

For added safety, the bag incorporates reflective elements into its design. These will increase your visibility to motorists and other road users, especially during low light conditions.

Elevate your cycling experience with the ELECTRA Fern Cylinder Handlebar Bag, the perfect amalgamation of style, convenience, and safety.

Sizes 1 L
Brand Electra
Barcodes 768682734780
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