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Perfect the art of hydration on the cycle with Lezyne's Matrix Team Cage, masterfully designed and a must-have companion for any discerning cyclist. Produced from robust Composite Matrix material, this bottle cage strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight, ensuring endurance whilst maintaining an incredibly light presence on your bicycle.

Engineered and conscientiously tested to ensure a secure hold on your water bottles, this cycling accessory promises stability even during those intense cycle sessions. Its exceptional design combines functionality and convenience, offering both left and right side-loading to cater for your hydration needs swiftly and efficiently.

Adding a mere 36 grams to your bike's weight, our Lezyne Matrix Team Cage embraces a minimalistic one-piece design. This lightweight creation will blend seamlessly into your cycling setup, contributing essential utility without compromising on style or increasing weight.

Designed to be inclusive, our Matrix Team Cage is universally compatible with all bicycle frames equipped with standard bottle cage mounts. It emerges a winner across all forms of riding - be it adventure-filled gravel grinding, adrenaline-pumped mountain biking or competitive road racing, supporting you in every terrain and every challenge.

Crafted to accentuate your personal style, our bottle cage is available in a range of colours, allowing you to add your individualistic touch to your cycling gear. Reflect your personality and choose a cage that compliments your bicycle and boosts your cycling experience.

Rely on Lezyne's Matrix Team Cage for an efficient hydration solution, keeping you refreshed and focused on your ride.

Colours Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Neo Metalic, Red, Tan, White
Brand Lezyne
Model Year 2020
Barcodes 4710582542114, 4710582542121, 4710582542138, 4710582542152, 4710582543234, 4710582543524, 4710582543913, 4710582543920, 4710582543937
SKUs / Part Numbers L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V103, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V104, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V107, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V110, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V111, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V130-SE, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V131, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V132, L-1-BC-MTTEAM-V133

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